Human Impact & Sustainable Solutions

Herbecides, pesticides, oil, gas, and soil erosion all impact the health of the watershed in which we live.  Where does it all come from, and what alternatives, or best management practices, are available to ensure a lighter more sustainable interaction with our watershed ecosystems?  During this presentation students make hypotheses, and conduct experiments to determine the effects of our everyday practices on land and water resources.

Fee:  In your classroom - $120 per class (max. 30 students), $10 travel and transportation fee per class.

At the Conservancy: $8 per student ($80 minimum per class)

For more information or for reservations contact: Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (610) 287-9383 or

PDE Academic Standards:

Watersheds & Wetlands: 4.1.4 A

Earth Sciences:  3.5.10 D

Human & the Environment: 4.8.4 C