The Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy has completed a water trail
feasibility study to identify ways to enhance recreation opportunities
along the Perkiomen Creek by encouraging:

  • better public access to the water

  • safe dam portage methods

  • more recreation support facilities
    (restrooms, parking, drinking water)

  • a wayfinding signage system

  • a paddlers’ guide to trip planning

  • environmental stewardship

View the Feasibility Study here:

How can you help?

Your interest, knowledge and advocacy can help implement the water trail feasibility study’s recommendations. Support the planning effort by taking the Perkiomen Creek Water Trail Survey here and
tell your elected officials that you want more support for the Perkiomen Creek.


For more information, contact us at

Take a look at the map in progress below to find information on water trail amenities, access points, hazards along the creek,
routes to safety, and other cultural opportunities located in close proximity to the creek.

Perkiomen Creek Water Trail Planning Partners

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