Green Turtle Photo credit: Andy Bruckner, NOAA

Green Turtle
Photo credit: Andy Bruckner, NOAA

Hawksbill Turtle Photo credit: Caroline Rogers, USGS

Hawksbill Turtle
Photo credit: Caroline Rogers, USGS

 Sea Turtles- An Uncertain Future

 Travel to the black sand beaches of Bioko Island, West Africa, where sea turtles come to lay their eggs.  Learn about the most current research and efforts underway to help this species in peril. 

About the Program:  This author/illustrator program includes a powerpoint presentation revealing the lush environment that inspired Moon Over Bioko: The Sea Turtles of Bioko Island.  Through rarely seen still life images and video clips of interactions with the turtles, Heidi Rader captivates students with the real world tasks of research scientists.  Engaging activities include the opportunity for students to try on life-size turtle shell replicas and a guided sea turtle drawing session with artist/illustrator, Holly Smith. 

Fee:  $400 per assembly of up to 100 fourth through sixth grade students, Book sales/signings available by request.

For more information or for reservations contact: Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (610) 287-9383 or

About the Presenters:  Heidi Rader, Education and Outreach Coordinator for Drexel University's Bioko Biodiversity Program, began her research on Bioko in 2006.  Holly Smith's original artwork is bold, detailed and compelling, placing the reader in the middle of the island's primitive landscape.  Click here to read an article about Heidi Rader with appeared in the July 2015 issue of Philadelphia Life.

About the Book:   Moon Over Bioko: The Sea Turtles of Bioko Island, is the story of a 10 year old boy as he tags along with his father to the beaches of Bioko Island.  The beaches are home to the nests of endangered sea turtles that his father studies.  First developed for students on Bioko, this book, which is also available in Spanish, now enjoys and international audience.  

Awards and Comendations:  Purple Dragon Fly Award, First Place Best Illustrations; International Book Awards Finalist; Winner Indie National Book Award for Cover Design; Mom's Choice Award for Excellence in Family Friendly Media; Green Book Festival Honorable Mention; Moonbeam Children's Bronze Book Award,

Fullfills the following PDE Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology under 4.7.  "Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Species"
4.7.7.A: Describe diversity of plants and animals in ecosystems.
4.4.7.C: Explain natural or human actions in relation to the loss of species.
4.7.10.A: Explain the significance of diversity in ecosystems.
4.7.10.B: Explain how structure, function, and behavior of plants and animals affect their ability to survive.
4.7.10.C: Identify and explain why adaptations can lead to specialization.
4.7.12.A: Analyze biological diversity as it relates to the stability of an ecosystem.
4.7.12.B: Examine the affects of extinction, both natural and human caused, on the environment.
4.7.12.C: Analyze the effects of threatened, endangered, or extinct species on human and natural systems.