Tributaries of the Perkiomen Creek

If you live, work or play upstream from any of the creeks listed below, then your actions have an impact on the health of the natural resources in the Perkiomen Creek Watershed. The Perkiomen Creek feeds the Schuylkill River which continues into the Delaware River, Delaware Bay and into the Atlantic Ocean. Help protect and conserve the health of these water resources by supporting the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy.

Tributaries listed from north to south:

Hosensack Creek - approx. 5.4 miles long running from Upper Milford Township in Lehigh County through Bucks County joining the Perkiomen Creek in Upper Hanover Township.

  • Indian Creek - approx. 5 miles long running from Old Zionsville into the Hosensack Creek.

West Branch Perkiomen Creek - approx. 12.6 miles long running from Hereford Township, Berks County through Bally into the northwestern side of Green Lane Resevoir.

Macoby Creek and Branch - approx. 8.4 miles long running from Milford Township, Bucks County to the Green Lane Resevoir in Green Lane.

Unami Creek - 16.5 miles long running from Lower Milford Township in Lehigh County crossing Milford Township and Marlborough Township before joining the Perkiomen Creek near Perkiomenville.

  • Ridge Valley Creek - approx. 4 miles long running from the Maple Run Resevoir and joining the Unami Creek near Sumneytown.
  • Butter Creek - approx. 4 miles long running into Unami Creek

Swamp Creek - 18.8 miles long beginning in Berks County, running through Montgomery County and joining the Perkiomen Creek above Schwenksville.

  • Minister Creek, Schlegel Run and Middle Creek all run into Swamp Creek.
  • Scioto Creek - runs into Swamp Creek near Zieglersville.
  • Goshenhoppen Creek - runs into Swamp Creek south of Scioto Creek.

Mine Run - approx. 3.9 miles long running from Limerick and joining the Perkiomen Creek in Schwenksville.

East Branch Perkiomen Creek - also known as Branch Creek is 24.5 miles long running from Perkasie Borough, Bucks County through Earlington, Franconia and Salford, Montgomery County before joining the Perkiomen Creek in Schwenksville. 

  • Indian Creek (6 miles long), Pleasant Spring CreekMill Creek  and Vaughn Run all run into the East Branch.

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Skippack Creek - 15.7 miles long running from Souderton through Skippack Township through Evansburg State Park and joining the Perkiomen Creek approximately 3 miles upstream of the Perkiomen's confluence with the Schuylkill River.

  • Bullfrog Creek - runs into the West Branch of the Skippack Creek.
  • West Branch Skippack Creek - begins in Harleysville and runs into the Skippack Creek in Evansburg State Park.
  • Towamencin Creek - approx. 4.3 miles long begins in Towamencin Township, Montgomery County and joins the Skippack Creek in Evansburg State Park.
  • Zacharias Creek - approx. 4 miles long running from Worcester to the Skippack Creek in Evansburg State Park.
  • Shady Brook Run - runs into the Skippack Creek.

Pachwechen Run, Valley Run, Molasses Creek, Deep Creek, Lodal Creek, Schoolhouse Run, Donny Brook and Mine Run (south), are all smaller tributaries of the Perkiomen Creek.