Sunlight Energy Flow

This active "Theater-in-the-Round" classroom presentation creatively covers the process of photosynthesis, the many links in a food chain, and answers the question, "What is the role of sunlight energy in turning on a light bulb?"  Students transform into chlorophyll chefs, race through a food chain, perform the story of "Lunch!".  This 1 hour lesson turns dry dusty textbook knowledge into an experience they won't forget!
*Material successfully compliments the current Curriculum Earth (formerly, R.E.E.P.) energy lessons.

$100 at your site plus a $10 Travel & Transportation fee per class
Post-trip materials are included.

For more information or for reservations contact: Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (610) 287-9383 or loltman@perkiomenwatershed.org.

What the teachers are saying: 
The children and I all enjoyed your energized and energetic energy lesson!  As usual, you reallydrove the points home in a way that they can understand. 
- 3rd Grade Teacher, Woodland Elementary School

PDE Academic Standards covered in this lesson include:
3.2.7A: Answer “What if” questions based on observation, inference or prior knowledge or experience.
3.4.7B: Know that the sun is a major source of energy that emits wavelengths of visible light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation.
· Explain the parts and functions in an electrical circuit.
4.4.4.C: Know that food and fiber originate from plants and animals.
4.6.4.A: Understand the components of a food chain.
4.6.4.B: Explain the carbon dioxide/oxygen cycle (photosynthesis).
4.6.7.A: Explain energy flow through a food web.