Summer Programs For Schools And Groups

Summer is a great time to visit the Conservancy!   Choose any of our programs for schools and organized groups or one of the special summer offerings listed below.  To schedule a summer program contact Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (610) 287-9383 or

East Branch Creek Exploration- For Kindergarten through 6th grade.

 We'll put on our water shoes, search for animal homes, and investigate this remarkable watery environment.  Following a hike through the woods, we arrive at our gravel bar destination where we will learn how to carefully move through the water locating our creek buddies as we explore their habitat.

Fee: $10 per person ($100 minimum)


Animal Adaptations - For 1st through 6th grade students.

Every animal has special features which help it to survive. Together we explore the physical and behavioral attributes of birds, mammals, and insects.  Students participate in experiments, view mounted specimens, examine natural history artifacts, and engage in unique activities! 

Fee: $8 Per person
($80 minimum)








Animal Adventure Hours - For Pre-K through 1st grade students.

Each of these content rich, one-hour programs includes related items from our natural history collection (bones, fur, eggs, skins, nests, etc.) designed to appeal to both a child's curiosity and playfulness. Some of the very best children's literature, engaging listening games and original activities. Construction of a simple craft related to the topic you choose will complete our time together.   When held at the Conservancy, fee includes use of the Discovery Room and picnic facilities.
Fee: $7.50 per person ($75 minimum) at the Conservancy
$8.50 per person ($85 minimum) plus $10 travel & transportation fee at your site.

Click here for a full list of Animal Adventure Hours to choose from.  

Incredible Insects! - For Pre-K through 2nd grade students.

An active investigation into the amazing and diverse world of insects!  Learn about the characteristics of an insect, some of the special adaptations that help them survive, look at insect homes and go on an insect hunt! 

Fee:  $8.00 per person
($80 minimum)