Expedition Quick Facts:

Dates: June 26 – 30, 2017

Total Mileage: 60 Miles

Paddling the trip:
12-14 Conservation Corps Members

3 Conservancy Staff
3 Research Members
3 Film Crew
2 Safety Boats


Perki-Bay Expedition

The Perki-Bay Expedition is designed to be a resource awareness campaign centered on the protection of the Perkiomen Creek. The actual project will consist of a 5-day paddling expedition where members of our youth conservation program will paddle the Perkiomen Creek from its source to the Delaware Bay. Our goal for this expedition is to generate increased community support for the protection of the creek and it's hopeful addition to the Pennsylvania Water Trail Program.

Expedition Objectives:

Create Community Awareness and Engagement
     * Increase protection for the Perkiomen Creek
     * Establish the Perkiomen Creek as a PA State Water Trail
     * Highlight the Perkiomen Creek's conservation partners

Develop a Citizen Science Monitoring Program
Create a network of strategic data points and tests to monitor water quality and creek health

Provide Experiential Learning Opportunities for Youth
Expedition to serve as a capstone project for the PWC Youth Conservation Corps
     * Provide experiential learning opportunities for local high school and college students

Publish an Expedition Documentary
Highlight conservation needs and challenges for the Perkiomen
     * Showcase the PWC's conservation partners
     * Explore the recreational opportunities that the Perkiomen affords
     * Document the expedition and use the documentary as a teaching tool
    * Disseminate the documentary to the local community




Day 1 – PWC Headquarters to Mill Grove Audubon (11 miles – Perkiomen Creek)

Day 2 – To Conshohocken (13 miles – Perkiomen/Schuylkill River)

Day 3 – To Boathouse Row / Fairmont Water Works (13 miles – Schuylkill River)

Day 4 – To Fort Mifflin (10 miles – Schuylkill/Delaware River)

Day 5 – To Marcus Hook Municipal Park (13 miles – Delaware River)


Thank you to our Expedition sponsors!



St. Lukes, Academy of Natural Sciences, Philly Canoe Club, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Upper Perkiomen High School, Wilderness Canoes

Contact Ryan Beltz to learn how
you or your business can get involved!

Partnership Levels

Sponsor - Financial Contributor

* 60 Mile Club -  $60 sponsorship includes expedition t-shirt and recognition on the PWC website.
* Flag Sponsor - Flags to be flown on canoes during expedition
          * $1000 - Full Flag with only your logo
          * $500 - Half Flag with two sponsor logos
          * $250 - Quarter Flag with four sponsor logos

Partner - In-Kind Good or Service Provider

* Partners support the expedition by providing speakers, lodging, expertise, other in-kind good or services or the waiving of fees that would otherwise by incurred by the expedition.

Advocate - Expedition Promoter

*Parties who actively engage in the promotion of the Perki-Bay Expedition via email or social media, handing expedition flyers or passing out expedition literature or by providing time or space for the Conservancy to advertise the expedition.