F.A.W.N. (Friendly Activities With Nature)

F.A.W.N. is an exciting Environmental Education program designed especially for kindergarten children. Our year-long program is carefully crafted with attention to a child's physical and cognitive development while meeting Science curriculum requirements.  The Conservancy staff works in close partnership with the classroom teacher, insuring that each child experiences the natural world through a fresh, new perspective, and with a sense of wonder and joy.    

For more information or for reservations contact: Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (610) 287-9383 or loltman@perkiomenwatershed.org. .

Your Program Benefits Include:

* Three of our most popular seasonal lessons, each one hour in length. Fall and Spring lessons take place at the Conservancy.  Our winter lesson is conducted at your site. (Should you be unable to come to the Conservancy for more than one visit, a "Mother Nature's Storytime Adventure" at your site may be substituted. Please keep in mind that the best educational setting for the Fall and Spring classes is outdoors.)

* Reserved picnic area for your group before or after your Young Learners’ lesson.

* Time in the Conservancy’s Children's Discovery Room during your two on-site visits.

* Six monthly activity booklets, called “Nature Nuggets”, delivered to your class.  Nature Nuggets are filled with seasonal activities and information especially designed for your kindergarten students. 

* Special closure activity which includes distribution of a F.A.W.N. “Certificate of Participation” to each student.

* Borrowing privileges from our Young Learners' Library, a collection of thoughtfully selected children's literature including books on tape and listening centers.

* Access to our Teacher Resource Library.

* Access to the Conservancy staff as consulting resource personnel.

* A new and exciting educational opportunity you can list among your many program offerings.

* Most importantly, our Young Learners' Program will provide your school with a complete Environmental Education program for an entire school year.

The F.A.W.N. program provides an excellent foundation for meeting the benchmarks of the new PA Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology and Science and Technology, including: 

3.1 Biological Sciences
            Know the similarities and differences of living things.
            Describe basic needs of plants and animals.
            Identify characteristics for animal and plant survival in different climates
            3.4. Earth Sciences
            Use knowledge of different seasons to explain effects on plants, animals and daily life.

What teachers are saying about the FAWN Program:

“It’s hard to pick my favorite part of the program. Each activity was superb! Wonderful mix! Good props!”
- Salford Mennonite Childcare & Kindergarten, Harleysville, PA

“The entire program was wonderful. I think the children enjoyed participating at every turn.” - Limerick Elementary, Spring Ford School District

“You provide a quality program!” - Childworks, Inc., Kulpsville, PA

“What a memorable program! This fits in perfectly with the unit(s)… we are studying. Sign us up for next year! What else can we do with you?”
- Salford Hills Elementary School, Souderton Area School District

“Your activities are different and refreshing. My students enjoyed each part of the program!” - Indian Valley Kindergarten, Souderton, PA

“On a scale of 1-10, this program was an 11! ... … The best run trip I’ve
experienced in 20 years of teaching kindergarten.”
- New Hanover- Upper Frederick Elementary, Boyertown School District

F.A.W.N. Program Fees

$120 Materials Fee (One time only; includes 6 monthly Nature Nuggets©)
$7 per child for Fall Lesson at PWC ($70 minimum fee per class)
$100 Winter Secrets lesson in your classroom
$10 Travel & Transportation Fee per class for Winter Secrets lesson
$7 per child for Spring Lesson at PWC ($7 minimum fee per class)
$60 Closure Activity in your classroom at end of year
$10 Travel & Transportation Fee per class for Closure Activity

For example, the total cost for the yearlong program for 20 children would be only $460 (excluding one time $120 materials fee).  About $23 per child for an entire year of Environmental Education experiences!