Part-Time Environmental Educator

The Conservancy’s Environmental Education Department is looking for self-motivated individuals to teach Pre-K through 12th grade students. Our mission is to guide students toward a better understanding of the natural world, build joyous relationships, and motivate them to make responsible decisions.


Applicants who wish to apply should have the following background:


1.) B.S. in Education or related field (e.g. Science Education, Natural History, Biology, etc.)
2.) Successful teaching experiences with Pre-K/Primary students.
3.) Positive, empowering interactions with students.
4.) Ability to work and share as a team player with the Conservancy’s energetic educators.
5.) Teaching certification preferred but not required.

The Conservancy’s Teaching Experience Provides:

1.) Interaction with a highly creative, self-motivated, educational staff
2.) Implementation of, a host of uniquely designed, leading edge educational activities.
3.) Access to our “Teacher Resource Library”, and “Children's Natural History Library”.
4.) Camaraderie with dedicated, hard-working Conservancy professionals.
5.) Professional reference for future career placement.
6.) Opportunity to create new, innovative program offerings.



Teach Conservancy environmental education classes to pre-k through 12th grade students.

a) Our programs vary in length from hour-long lessons to full day adventures. They take place at the Conservancy’s Brownstone Barn as well as at the client’s site. Mileage is compensated when traveling to and from sites away from the Conservancy.
b) Observations, study, and preparation are the responsibility of the Educator and are considered an important component of the lesson. (½ hour prior- and ½ post-lesson is often sufficient.)
c) Classes are held year-round, but teaching opportunities are most abundant spring and fall.

COMPENSATION: $33.00 per class taught by Educator. Full day (4.5 hours) programs as compensated as 2 classes ($66).

For more information or to apply, please contact Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator,