Earth Day Special

It’s a large planet with lots of wonderful plants and animals all over it! Every living thing needs clean water, fresh air, food and shelter to survive. How can young learners help take care of such a large place? Join us as we examine the role of two very important tools, “knowledge” and “caring”.

We’ve designed engaging activities and created an action component to help your students make a difference! This unique and empowering hour long program features a very special craft at the end!

For pre-school, kindergarten, or T-1 classes of up to 24 students.
Fee: $7.50 per student at the Conservancy ($75 minimum fee per class)
$8.50 per student at your site ($85 minimum fee per class)
$10 per class travel & transportation fee

For more information or for reservations contact: Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (610) 287-9383 or loltman@perkiomenwatershed.org.

What the teachers are saying: 
I was very impressed by the program and the literature chosen to relay the Earth Day message.  The presentation was great learning fun for all!
- Asst. Principal, Chesterbrook Elementary

PDE Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology covered by this lesson include:
3.2.4.C: Recognize and use the elements of scientific inquiry to solve problems.
· Generate questions about objects, organisms and/or events that can be answered through scientific investigations.
· State a conclusion that is consistent with the information.
3.2.7A: Answer “What if” questions based on observation, inference or prior knowledge or experience.
4.2.4.A Identify needs of people
4.3.4.A Know that plants, animals and humans are dependent on air and water.
4.3.4.B Identify how human actions affect environmental health
4.8.4.C Explain how human activities may change the environment.
4.8.4.D Know the importance of natural resources in daily life.