Animal Adventure Hours™ for Schools

"Animal Adventure Hours" are content-rich programs crafted for 3-6 year olds.  Each program includes related items from our natural history collection (bones, fur, eggs, skins, nests, etc.) designed to appeal to both a child's curiosity and playfulness. Sprinkled among some of the very best children's literature are engaging listening games and original activities. Construction of a simple craft related to the topic you choose will complete our time together.   When held at the Conservancy, fee includes use of the Discovery Room and picnic facilities.

Each Animal Adventure Hour is a one-hour program for classes of up to 24 children. When held at the Conservancy, fee includes use of the Children's Discovery Room and picnic facilities.
* $7.50 per student ($75 minimum fee per class at the Conservancy)
* $8.50 per student ($85 minimum fee per class) $10 travel & transportation fee per class at your site

For more information or for reservations contact: Linda Oltman, Environmental Education Coordinator, at (610) 287-9383 or

Choose from any of the following topics...

PDE Academic Standards covered by this lesson include: 3.2.7A: Answer “What if” questions based on observation, inference or prior knowledge or experience.

3.3.4.A: Know the similarities and differences of living things.
· Identify life processes of living things (e.g., growth, digestion, react to environment).
· Know that some organisms have similar external characteristics (e.g., anatomical characteristics; appendages, type of covering, body segments) and that similarities and differences are related to environmental habitat.
· Describe basic needs of plants and animals.
4.3.4.A: Know that plants, animals and humans are dependent on air and water.
· Know that all living things need air and water to survive.
4.7.7.B: Explain how species of living organisms adapt to their environment.
· Explain the role of individual variations in natural selection.
· Explain how an adaptation is an inherited structure or behavior that helps an organism survive and reproduce.