Designed to appeal to a child’s curiosity and playfulness.

These lessons contain engaging listening games, original activities and
some of the best in children’s literature. A simple craft completes the day. 

All sessions are held from 1:00 - 2:15 pm at the Conservancy's Brownstone Barn.
Fee:  $7 Members/ $10 Nonmembers


Upcoming lessons include:

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Animals of the North and South Poles
December 21, 2017
Where are the poles?  A bit of geography and geology are carefully woven into this lesson as we introduce the residents of the Arctic and Antarctic regions.  We’ll take a look at how they survive the extreme conditions found at the top and bottom of the Earth. 


Dynamic Dinosaurs
January 18, 2018
Apatasaurus, Stegasaurus, many dinosaurs with such long names!   These animals ruled the earth for 165 million years.   We'll examine lifelike models as we learn more about the behaviors and features of these amazing animals.  


Ocean Animals
February 22, 2018
Whales, sea turtles, sea stars, clams, sharks and jellyfish are only a few of the incredible animals that call the ocean their home.  Children take a beach walk and learn about the treasures to be found on the beach, conduct an experiment on salt water, and examine a variety of natural history items.  A great introduction to the inhabitants of this important ecosystem. 


Feathered Friends
March 15, 2018
Welcome spring by listening to and learning about a variety of birds.  Birds are an amazingly diverse group of animals and have unique adaptations.  Through stories, games and natural history items we will learn more about this important group of animals.  


Earth Day Special
April 19, 2018
Every living thing needs clean water, fresh air and food and shelter to survive.  How can young learners help take care of such a large place?  Join us as we examine the role of two very important tools, knowledge and caring, helping young learners feel empowered to help our earth.