Summer Afield


A week-long adventure for fourth - sixth grade students. 

Do you like to...

Investigate your world?
Explore streams?
Make observations and discoveries?
Compare habitats?
Work on experiments?
Have fun?

Then you’ll want to join Summer Afield and make this one summer to remember! Since our themes follow a three-year rotating schedule, you can join the program while you are in fourth grade and continue through sixth grade, learning exciting new things each year. Our yearly themes include “Watersheds”, “The Perkiomen Creek: Past, Present, and Future” and “Habitats”.

The theme for summer 2015 is Perkiomen Creek: Past, Present and Future!
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A Note to Parents…

We feel it is imperative that children of all ages be given opportunities to form a kinship with the natural world. Not merely to view it, but to experience it. Through investigation and observation, kids discover together how the natural world works and begin building a relationship with it. Since the Perkiomen Creek is the thread that we have in common, what better place for a classroom? Developing a sense of place here within the Perkiomen Watershed links us to the land in which we live.

Integral to our program philosophy is that each student be given the opportunity to learn and grow in an atmosphere that is exploratory, supportive, and exciting. To this end, our staff is composed of gifted and knowledgeable educators who are lifelong learners. We take delight in making discoveries alongside children.