Native Plantings

Tree Plantings

Each fall, the Conservancy performs several native tree planting projects to improve water and habitat quality.  

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help us plant a total of 1,120 native trees and shrubs across four sites within our watershed this fall!

Rain Garden Plantings

In the spring and summer, the Conservancy also performs native rain garden plantings to help manage stormwater by reducing the amount of runoff and pollutants entering our streams.


All TreeVitalize projects were made possible by the TreeVitalize Watersheds program, and the Plant One Million campaign, managed by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Growing Greener program, as well as Aqua PA for projects located within its sourcewater protection zones.

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Briarwyck Park Planting Completed!  On September 16th volunteers from SEI planted 150 native trees and shrubs along the creek and pond in Briarwyck Park in Harleysville.

Graterford Field Planting Success! On October 21st and 22nd with the help of volunteers from GSK, Dow, Ursinus and local community members, 300 native trees and shrubs were planted along the Perkiomen Creek in Collegeville.

Knight Rd. Planting Completed! Over the course of three volunteer days, Knight Rd. in Green Lane saw the addition of 620 native trees and shrubs.

S. Park Ave Planting Succes!  On September 17th local boyscouts and their families helped to plant 50 native trees and shrubs along Mine Run in Eagleville.