Think your crew can kick some serious you-know-what? 
Bring that spirit to the Challenge!

Brews Brothers
Entech Engineering*
Partners in Grime
Side Cheeks

Ship Wreck
SVY Gators


*2018 Winners

Brews Brothers - 2018

Brews Brothers - 2018

Partners in Grime - 2018

Partners in Grime - 2018

Assemble a group of three or more teams and consider competing in the Lenape Challenge TRIBE category.

Rules & Regulations

  1. To be eligible, your group must enter at least three two-person teams from an affiliated group (business, organization, school, gym, club, etc.)
  2. Scoring will be on a collective basis according to finish time.
    Eg: Businesses A & B each have three teams participating. 

    Business A team finish times are: 1.03.11, 1.15.33 and 1.17.29 (Total 3.36.13)

    Business B team finish times are: 1.00.44, 1.09.05 and 1.23.03 (Total 3.32.52)

    Business B is the winner because the total combined time of all teams is lower.
  3. An affiliation may sponsor any number of Lenape TRIBE Challenge teams; however, only the top three team finish times will be used to calculate the TRIBE time.
  4. The TRIBE award will be given to the winning Lenape TRIBE Challenge teams.

    This award shall remain at the affiliation for 10 months following the Lenape Survival Challenge, at which time it shall be returned to the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy to be available to the next Lenape TRIBE Challenge winners.
  5. Sponsoring affiliation may hang a banner or sign in the finish area.
  6. Have a blast and enjoy bragging rights for the year!