What you can do as a member of the community!


Of all the water on the planet, only 1% is available as fresh water for human use.  This water is either located underground where it is recharging our wells and springs, or flowing above ground in our freshwater streams.  At the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy we work to do everything we can to protect the quality of the 45 inches of rain we get each year.  

Many of our conservation projects aim to manage stormwater effectively, and our workshops teach solutions for reducing runoff and the amount of pollutants on the land that can wash into our streams.

Learn more about what you can do to manage stormwater and reduce pollution by volunteering with us or getting involved in some of our workshops!


rain barrels

Learn about rain barrels and our annual Rain Barrel Building Workshop! 

rain gardens

Learn about the many benefits of rain gardens and get some inspiration for your yard!

backyard composting

Learn about composting and how to get started in your own backyard! 

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