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Of all the water on the planet, only 1% is available as fresh water for human use. This water is either located underground where it is recharging our wells and springs, or flowing above ground in our freshwater streams. At the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy we work to do everything we can to protect the quality of the 45 inches of rain we get each year.  

Many of our conservation projects target how to manage stormwater effectively, and our workshops teach solutions for reducing runoff and the amount of pollutants on the land that can wash into our streams.

Check out the links below and attend our one of upcoming workshops!


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Riparian Buffers

Learn about riparian buffers, the vital role they play in stream health and how to care for them.

Rain Gardens

Learn about the many benefits of rain gardens and the rain garden projects completed by the Conservancy.

Backyard Composting

Learn about composting, the benefits it provides and how to get started in your own backyard.


Rain Barrel Building Workshop

We will be holding a rain barrel workshop at Black Rock Park in Oaks on October 15th at 6:00 pm. Learn more and register here! 


Bat House Building Workshop

Our bat house building workshop on March 10, 2018 helped homeowners to create a vital habitat for our local bat populations.  View photos here!

Downspout Planter Workshop

Build a downspout planter box to help reduce stormwater runoff from your property.

Want to learn more about native plants including what species to use in your backyard and how to maintain them? Volunteer with our Native Plant Project and gain hands-on experience growing, caring for, planting, and identifying native species.


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