Monarch Migration -
A Natural Wonder at Risk?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Presenter:  John Drummond, Monarch Biologist, Lafayette College
Time:  7:30 pm
Location:  Conservancy's Brownstone Barn
Fee*:  $10 Members/ $13 Non-Members
*Pre-registration with payment required.

By phone:  610.287.9383
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The monarch population has experienced a dramatic decline over the last decade 43% below the long-term average, and the lowest ever wintering population in Mexico was recorded in winter 2013-2014.  This follows a previous all-time low the winter of 2012-2013.  What is causing this decline?  What does it mean for the future of the monarch population?  John's talk will review the factors leading to the decline and will highlight critical actions that need to be taken.  There is hope, and John will share how you can help the monarch.